Terms and Conditions


  1. The Artist agrees to sing and perform with his music group for the Assignee who will be at liberty to
    record the said songs or performances.
    The Assignee will be at liberty to make records / audio and video cassettes / audio and video
    compact discs / Digital Video Discs (DVD) / MP3 Discs, from the music master copy / tape / CD
    which is in his possession and to sell such records / audio and video cassettes / Audio and
    Video compact discs / Digital Video Disc’s (DVD) / MP3 Discs in physical or digital format
    entirely as it pleases.
  2. The artiste hereby assigns to the Assignee all rights, title or interests that may vest in the Artiste by
    virtue of his/her being a singer, lyric writer, music composer, music director and otherwise in respect
    of the said songs; and the Assignee henceforth shall hold the said rights unto them exclusively and
    absolutely. Neither the Artiste, Lyric writer, music composer, music director nor the music group
    under his guidance, influence or supervision shall record themselves or cause the recording or assist
    some third party for recording any of the said songs detailed in Annexure “A”. The Artiste takes full
    responsibility regarding the ownership of the copyright of the lyrics and music track of the said
    songs and indemnifies the Assignee from any claims under the infringement of copyright or any
    other rights.
  3. The Artiste warrants that the songs detailed in Annexure “A” are not the subject matter of any
    earlier assignment and / or license by him/her in favor of any third party and further indemnifies the
    Assignee against any damages, claims etc. that may be made in a suit filed against the Assignee by
    a third party for the infringement of copyright or any other rights.
  4. The expression “Songs” wherever appearing in this agreement shall include ballad, narration, kathas
    or any other musical compositions.
  5. It is hereby agreed between the parties that in case of any dispute arising between them, it is the
    courts at Delhi alone which shall have jurisdiction to decide the same.
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